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Chat live now to the studio and other listeners.

We are testing a brand-new feature, ‘shout box’ prior to launch for today only. 

Don’t be shy, send a message to the DJ, get a shout out, or if you Ask really nicely you may even get to request a track! Let others know in the chat what you think of Lockdown FM (please be nice!) 🙂

On 17th September 2020 Lockdown FM becomes 247 Club Classics.

We are moving on to bigger and brighter things. To more accurately reflect our vision, we are now 247 Club Classics Radio. 

We will still be playing the same great music but just under a different name and website www.deanw75.sg-host.com

To celebrate this occasion, we are cordially inviting you to our official Online Launch Party at 4.00pm 17 September 2020.

Keep checking our Facebook page for updates and more information.

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