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Introducing the new Pioneer DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7 DJ Controllers

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Pioneer just shook up the world of DJ controllers with the new DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7 DJ Controllers with Motorised Paltters

The rumour mill has been rife with the imminent announcement of two exciting new DJ controllers from Pioneer named DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7 respectively for Serato DJ pro software.

Pioneer also released a cheeky teaser video showing extreme close-ups of what looked like a traditional turntable platter, which is actually motorized jog wheels! (similar design to what you’d expect on a Technics 1200/1210 platter).

The designs are turntablist-focused aimed at ‘battle DJ’s with the slightly awkward (for traditional DJ’s) layout whereby the pitch slider is located horizontally above the platter at 90 degrees.

So what do we know about the new DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7 DJ Controllers so far?

Two motorised platters with a colour LCD screen in the centre (larger traditional size platters similar to the CDJ2000 and CDJ3000 on the Rev 7).

33/45 RPM selection to adjust the speed of the platter

Magvel Fader

Weighs 23Lbs or 10 Kilograms

Release date is March 2022

Estimated street prices are DDJ-REV1 £600 and DDJ-REV7 £1000




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