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Help with your Alexa

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Being a forward-thinking bunch of peeps, we have jumped on the Amazon Alexa skills train so that you, our listeners, can bring 247clubclassics radio into your home easily and without fuss.

All you need is an Alexa device and an Amazon account; Alexa is free to use so don’t worry about entering payment information.

It’s also worth installing the free Alexa app on your smartphone, this way you can easily adjust your Alexa devices settings.

When you are set up and ready to bring us into your house, the first command you need to tell Alexa will be “Alexa, Enable 247 club classics radio” 

Now anytime you want to hear the best dance music, at any time of day all you need to call out is:

“Alexa, play 24 7 club classics Radio”

You don’t even need to put your beer down, leave the kitchen or stop dancing, it’s as simple as telling your very own assistant what to do!

Trouble shooting!

Some Alexa’s might not recognise 247 clubclassic radio at first, we have found the device can be a little picky and it’s best to call out “Twenty Four Seven Club classics Radio” and not “two four seven”

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