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DJ Gear that made 2020 worth remembering

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2020 has been a poor effort all round really, but one reason to be pleased with the past 12 months is the high level of new DJ gear brought out by manufacturers!

In this short article we break down a handful of the best decks, controllers, mixers and software that 2020 put our way. 

Don’t forget that Christmas is round the corner and us DJ’s have time to fill, there could be a pressie idea for your favourite mix and blender in here ;).

Beginner level DJ Gear:

Dropping around Spring time 2020; Numark made sure DJ’s looking to hit the ground running were covered for their Covid related isolation sessions.  

The Mixtrack Platinum FX is small but powerful, with a signature paddle style FX unit sitting nicely in the onboard mixer. 

There are neat touches across the controller, such as LED level meters for each deck, loop controls and 6 inch High-Res Jog Wheels.

Selling for around £200, the Numark Platinum FX is ideal for newer DJ’s, at home practice and taking on your travels.

Virtual DJ 2020

Technically released in 2019 (but it’s called 2020!), Atomix pushed the DJ software bar higher than ever before with the updated version of VDJ 2020.

Sometimes it seems like VDJ has endless capabilities; perfect from complete beginners up to Superstars.

VDJ is compatible with an ever growing amount of hardware and has introduced the ability to isolate stems from music at the turn of a knob! 

There’s price tiers to suit all levels of DJ and the home version is free!

Mid level DJ Gear:

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

Pioneer held back until November before letting loose with the hotly anticipated 4 channel Rekordbox AND Serato controller!

Looking a little different to the usual gloss black of Pioneer DJ gear, this new controller packs a few special treats for the FX loving DJ’s out there.

The DDJ FLX6 houses the newly developed, Pioneer specific, “Merge FX” capabilities.

Along with the Merge FX unit there is an impressive six effects ready for use across two channels at once. I guess this is where the name FLX6 comes from!?

The most eye catching aspect for many DJ’s will be the full size Jog Wheel platters, something no other mid range controller can offer. The platters also offer nifty LED navigation lights in the screen.

This new piece of kit is well priced at around £600 and makes sense to upgrade for serious DJ’s looking to take their skills further.

Denon DJ Prime GO

Denon made waves in early 2020 when the Prime Go arrived. This powerful, stand alone controller is small enough to fit in a backpack but high spec enough to quickly analyse tracks whilst in use.

Equally impressive as the track analysis capabilities is the top spec engineering this Devil of a unit offers.

Enough inputs and outputs to satisfy the most demanding technician, pro level headroom for crystal sound quality and even customisable FX units!

Priced at the upper level of around £900, Denon are bossing the market with this one.

Top of the range DJ Gear:

As much as the release of the new Pioneer CDJ-3000 and the new DJM Range of mixers brought huge excitement in the club world, over here at 247 Club Classics we were drooling over something a little more refined.

Rane Twelve MKII

Call us old fashioned, but most of the DJ’s at deanw75.sg-host.com love to DJ on a vinyl turntable. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the versitality of digital DJ equuipment!

The Twelve MKII by Rane has brought vinyl to the digital platform with USB Midi and DVS control for Traktor, Virtual DJ and Serato DJs.

Made of solid steel and aluminium, turntablists, old school heads and new school vinyl junkies can’t get enough of the monster that Rane brought out before Covid kept everyone indoors! 

Expect to shell out around £1,500 for a pair of these decks and around £1,800 for the companion Seventy-Two MKII mixer, but this will be the last DJ Kit you ever buy!

Thanks for reading, let us know what equipment you like and remember we are always on the lookout for more DJ’s to play on our station! 

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