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10 iconic club classics that define 247 Club Classics Radio

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In this post, our DJ’s put forward 10 songs guaranteed to fill the dance floor, to get people jumping to their feet and waving their hands in the air.

This article is about the type of club classic songs that carry recognisable basslines, caught in the moment vocals and musical melodies that transport us into a place where we felt joy and freedom.

Read on to find out what makes a successful club classic, no matter if it’s a chart-topping commercial crossover, underground track straight from the paradise garage, in your face cheese or even genre-defining sample.

Can You Feel It – Mr.Fingers

An original club classic of the underground Chicago House scene, Larry Heard (AKA Mr Fingers) brought the begginings of deep house to the world. This club classics sits at a soft spot with many original house heads and DJ’s due to the production process that Larry Heard went through in creating the track. Before the days of digital recording devices and highly versatile, computer powered DAW programs, house music was crafted on synthesiser and drum machines such as the Roland Juno-60 and 909; with tape cassette decks at the ready to record loops and samples before cutting to wax for vinyl play.

Good Life – Inner city

Listed time and again on music magazine and DJ’s lists of the greatest dance records of all time, Inner City created an exceptional club classic with their homage to the Summer of Love in 1988. Produced by legendary Detroit Techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson, Good Life pumps with the house music beat, swings with high energy disco diva vocals and proves that Techno sounds were ready to ignite the dance music world. As soon as vocalist Paris Grey lets rip with “Let me take you to a place I know you wanna go” the dancefloor is bound to erupt with passion, emotion and fun. A favourite of 247 clubclassics resident DJ Grant McQuade, this is an unashamedly feel good club classic.

James Brown – The payback:

Some people consider James Brown as the founder of Funk and some people consider The Payback to be his most important song ever. Without doubt The Payback is a keystone of the funk sounds, a club classics from start to finish. The snares clap, the bass swirls and the guitars pluck and strum. That’s all before the father of funk drops those iconic grizzly vocals and his backing soul singers reinforce his bad ass attitude with their silky hooks. There have been hundreds of songs that have sampled bits of this club classics that was released in 1973. It’s hard to imagine funk, groove or soul infused music without this club classic song. Make sure you join club classics 247 resident DJ Peter B on his show, as he reignites the soul and funk flavours.



Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

An obscure choice but an undeniable club classic. Apache is technically considered as only a part of a song; yet will always be widely recognised as the “song” that birthed Hip Hop, Breakdancing and Drum n Bass music. Jamaican NYC DJ Kool Herc displayed incredible turntablism skills during “breaks” of funk songs such as Apache, to recreate punchy rythms that b-boys would pop to. This style of DJ’ing inspired icons such as Grandmaster Flash and Jam Master Jay in the late 70’s and early 80’s to take hold of Roland 808 drum machines and create club classic Hip Hop beats of their own. The Apache drum beat breakdown is still sampled heavily in modern music, from Rap to Punk and can be heard in many styles of club classic dance music songs. Netflix even made a documentary on this club classic defining sound. Our very own resident DJ Scotty King has an impressive breaks and hip hop vinyl collection, make sure you tune into his shows on clubclassics247.com.

Where Love Lives- Alison Limerick

Sending dancefloors crazy in the UK, USA and around the world since 1991. This club classic is blessed with the finest piano chords House music can offer, mixed in from the one and only Frankie Knuckles and legend David Morales. Alison Limerick has an incredible vocal range and with her on this song there was no doubting this to be a club classic that will live on. Considered an underground anthem during it’s first years of release, Where Love Lives kept dancefloors bouncing in the very first superclubs; such as Manchester’s Hacienda and Space in Ibiza. Chart success did follow in the mid 90’s thanks to a few remixes. Lock into 247 club classic Resident DJ Lee to hear this club classic and tunes that melt nicely with this one.

Zed Bias – Neighbourhood

2 step UKG at it’s finest. Catchy and soulful vocals, skippy hi-hats, bouncing kicks and growling bass. Paying respect to DJ’s and clubbers, club classic Neighbourhood dropped at the turn of the Millennium and soundtracked the good times of the UKG club scene. Many remixes, re-edits, bootlegs and mashups have been crafted but the original cut remains an ultimate UKG club classic for generations of garage heads, including the 247 clubclassics CEO Dean, who’s UKG record collection is massive.

Snoop Dogg & Pharrell – Drop it like it’s Hot

This song gets a lot of Radio airplay, yet it remains an iconic Hip Hop club classic. A real banger, the duo of Snoop & Pharrell hit hard with g funk rhymes, heavy bass and rolling drums that all dancefloors erupt to. Made straight for the club; the song fires up any dance hall and club floor. This didn’t stop billboard honouring the tune with most iconic rap song of the decade in 2009 and all the massive commercial success it received.

Don’t Stop Movin – Livin’ Joy

Described as a “Happy House” anthem; Don’t stop Movin holds arguably one of the most club classic ready, dancefloor themed lyric from the 90’s. Wrapping the powerful and motivational vocals of lead singer Tamika Star around bouncing basslines and pulsating 4×4 beats, this club classic peaked many radio and commercial charts during it’s release in 1996, yet still remained dancefloor ready and club classic material.

Underworld – Born Slippy

Sounding straight from a 90’s warehouse rave, Underworld’s Born slippy is an undeniable Trance club classic in every sense. Before the belting 4×4 drum kicks in, the tune is already bringing the euphoria. Psychedelic synths and floating piano chords pull clubbers together, whilst some of club-lands most recognisable lyrics and hypnotic drum beats whip a frenzy. Born Slippy will forever generate genuine hands in the air club classic moments.

Given cult status from the film Trainspotting, Born Slippy is a timeless anthem of UK night club culture, consistently dropped in nightclubs, heard all over the football terraces and pumping out of cars. Any DJ worth their salt will happily drop club classics Born slippy at the end of a night.


Robin S – Show me love:

“Heart breaks and promises” those easily recognisable lyrics to the one and only Show me love. Guaranteed to pack dancefloors around the globe; this is as cheesy as a club classic can get! Considered the godmother of Diva House, Robin S dropped Show me Love in 1993. Teaming with Stonebridge to bring the bouncy dance track we all know (and love?). Our very own DJ Tripple J will have you singing along to this banger and more in his 247 club classic mix show, be sure to join him for that!


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