What do you know about the origins of House Music?

House music, it’s a religion.

The genre that is enjoyed all around the world; thousands of Club Classics that are danced to in nightclubs 24 hours a day (before Covid) and that are adored by many a 247clubclassics.com listener! House music is the glue that sticks our much loved 247clubclassics radio station together, but how much do you think about where it all started?

Take a listen to this recent podcast, hosted on Beatport, where House music producer Seth Troxler has been talking with legendary Harvard University professor Dr.Cornel West about the roots of House music and Techno, particularly in Black and Latino communities.

If you are unsure about who Dr.Cornel West is; you may be familiar with his monologue that Brandon Lucas featured on the House music track “Got That Hope”, but if not, then you are welcome 🙂

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