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Tune of the Month!

Each month your very own DJ’s bring a handpicked tune that ticks all the club classic boxes.

As DJ’s there is not much more we love than bringing the freshest music to our listeners ears; but that is not to say The 247 Club Classic Tune of the month will always be a brand new release. We have an eclectic taste and are always eager to dig our record crates to spin a timeless gem when it’s the right time!

For November 2020 we have an absolute belter of a tune from producer Jack Truant, that has been released on Motive Records.


There’s so much to love from this standout House tune.

Is it the classsic House piano that floats through from the beginning, the funky bassline that bounces around each kick and snare drum or maybe the throwback to old school rave at the drop? When you hear this tune you’ll be begging for a reload and we know you’ll agree this is a club classic!


Keep coming back each month and let us know what you might want to hear in December!


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